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Hi! I'm Ilona Fischer (formerly Ilona Olayan), AKA "eyelona". I'm a marketer, strategist, and social media zealot.



Social Media in Bed, Life, and Marketing

Social Media in Bed, Life . .

` Do you do this in bed? No. Not that. This is all about mobile. It seems we ...

When Times Are Tough…TWEET

When Times Are Tough̷ . .

When it comes to public relations, crisis management has always been essential ...

CRM – 5 Trends To Shape Next 5 Years

CRM – 5 Trends To S . .

In the Software Advice Blog, Lauren Carlson, CRM analyst at Software ...

Deciphering Google’s Algorithms

Deciphering Google’ . .

Simply put, the internet is like an enormous library of a trillion or so books, ...

The Need for New Marketing Metrics

The Need for New Marketin . .

It’s not a novel statement that we’re living in a world of constant ...

All the Social Ladies – Is Social Media a Woman’s World?

All the Social Ladies – . .

If you have a young girl in your life, whether it’s a daughter or niece, you ...

What is a Q Score and is It Even Relevant Anymore?

What is a Q Score and is . .

There we were…driving down a state road in Alabama, on our way back to ...

Are Employers “Tweet” on Employees Using Social Media? [Infographic]

Are Employers “Tweet” . .

Marketers  love social media, but what about professionals who wear the ...