When a Pedicure Becomes a Gift

birthday pedicureI was never the type of person to “treat” myself to a pedicure or spa day.  Before kids, I’d religiously go to the local nail salon every two weeks for a manicure and (what I used to think was) a much needed pedicure.  It wasn’t a treat, it was a necessity.

Today, I sit here on the evening of my thirty-ninth birthday, while my sweet husband bathes the kids and preps them for bed, and on this milestone birthday…the one before the big 4-0, I wonder when did a pedicure become such a great gift?  Today, my parents came over to watch the kids (while they napped), so I could go “indulge” in a pedicure.  Seriously, indulge – and that’s what I did.

I shamefully walked into the nail salon with unpolished toes, that had not seen OPI Big Apple Red, since Thanksgiving.  Yes, I remember it clearly.  My sister-in-law Gretchen and mother-in-law Shirley were in town for the holiday, so the ladies decided  to get manicures while the guys did meal prep.  I specifically recall saying that afternoon when deciding on a color that, “I should get ‘Big Apple Red’, since it’ll last through the holidays, if I don’t get a chance to get another pedicure before then.”  What a dreamer I was.  I should have known then, my second pedicure since returning from Morocco in July as a new family of four, that it would be many months before the next time I sit in a massage chair that rocked my back and relaxed every muscle from my buttox to my neck.

Who knew that OPI’s Big Apple Red was in fact the best color choice I could have made at the time because it was going to have to last me through Christmas, holiday parties, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Leap Year and St. Patrick’s Day.  Well, by St. Patty’s Day, it was looking a little rough and green around the edges, so it still worked.  What happened to bi-weekly pedicures that were once a mandatory part of my life?

So, today when my parents offered to come over and watch the kids, while they send me for my “birthday pedicure”, I was out the door just a couple of minutes after they arrived.  Going from a mani/pedi every second Saturday morning to once every 5 months is insane!  What happened to me?  The kids are certainly not to blame, nor is my fabulous husband.  Is there perhaps  that much of a systematic shift in a woman’s genetic make up, when they become mothers (biological or adopted)?  Do things that were once a “must have” become less important?  Am I allowing myself to become less important?  I don’t think so.  Perhaps it an unconscious re-prioritization of the things that were once critical.  Perhaps all of a sudden it’s more fun to spend an extra hour with Madeline and Charlie, than with the non-English-speaking pedicurist?  Who knows, but I’m really hoping that on this 39th birthday, all of this philosophizing is not a sign of growing up, because for those of you who know me well, that just can’t be an option.  :)

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed your mani/pedi! You deserved it! Love your site too, btw.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. Who knew a year ago, how just one hour away by myself at the stinky nail salon would be such a great gift. Ahhh. Now I can go about my week. Keep up the great work with school – your mom is so proud!

  2. Boy do I understand. My last pedi was in Morocco at a stupid resort. Worst pedi of my life, and came home with the worst case of athlete’s foot my dic has seen. I think I got my hair cut at Thanksgiving before giving birth to Mile. Someday I will have time to take time for myself. Right now I take a nap at every spare moment possible. I’d rather love on my little kiddos than have beautiful toenails. They’re only babies once. I think it’s all a re-prioritization when we become mothers. Love ya!

  3. I can’t begin to tell you what once used to be a routine that were somewhat important to me carry no importance in my life or have become indeed special treat –since the kids. Needless to say none I can complain but accept willingly as just the part of life. Precious one at that to say the least even if I may look like a biggest slob or rag of muffin (?) as Kendra would call. If it makes you feel better, I am barely seeing the nail polish just on the tip of m toes from the July vacation of 2011. Happy birthday!

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