Who Needs “Likes”? YouTube “I Cried” Button Now Available

Have you ever shed a tear (or two) over a YouTube video? Chances are that many of us have either done it or watched it happen, whether you’ve wept over a moving emotional plea or watched kids giggle themselves to tears over wacky cat footage. Now you can let the world know exactly how much a YouTube video moved you, via the “I cried” button plug-in.

After it’s installed, the button, which is labeled I cried and features a tear drop, will show up every time the user views content on the video sharing site. A number next to the button will also reveal how many other viewers were moved to a misty-eyed state by the video. I cried is currently available for Google Chrome users. And, in case you’re wondering who would build such a plug-in…it wasn’t the work of a social media marketing or tech firm. Instead it’s the brainchild of Project Goodcry, which was launched to help its creators examine “crying in a networked culture.”

From an I cried button, we move to man marketing. According to The High Low, an iProspect/comScore survey found that when it comes to best practices for marketing to the man set, you better get your video on. Respondents reported that video is their preferred ad message format. Furthermore, participants said that online research was key when making purchase decisions, which makes video a savvy engagement (and SEO!) tactic for reaching out to consumers and buyers in that part of the sales cycle.

So tap that inner video vixen for your small business social media strategy!

No, not the 80s Tawny Kitaen type. Video is highly shareable on social media networks, whether you’re posting clips or links on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or a small business blog. While the male consumer study specifically addressed video ads, don’t limit yourself to advertisements. Social media marketing ideas for YouTube might include:

  • How-to’s
  • Tips & tricks
  • Industry insights
  • Weekly or monthly industry news wrap-up & commentary
  • Behind-the-scene peeks
  • Event highlights

But be wary of posting bad content! Bad content does one of two things: it sends consumers and buyers scurrying for the “back” button, or it goes viral—and not in a good way. For tips on producing business video content that boosts brand awareness without triggering an “I’m laughing so hard at this ridiculous video that I’m weeping” cry, check out my post over at Social Strategy1.


Awesome Rick Astley image courtesy of YouTube, via Digital Life.

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