Mommy Matters: Do Mom Blogs Influence You? [Infographic]

Whether you’re a social media marketer or a mom (or both!) you’re likely familiar with that special kind of online influencer with the power to move digital mountains: the mom blogger. Depending on the blogger, they’re sharing anything from pirate birthday party ideas to infant product reviews. And a few of them have even transformed their blogs into profitable small businesses.

Infographics Archive shared this infographic about the business of being a mommy blogger. Two social media statistics worth noting from the infographic:

  • 84% of moms say they’ve made important purchasing decisions based on advice from blogs.
  • 60% of mom bloggers report they blog about brands they love—or brands they hate.

Check out all the stats below and then feel free to share your take on mom blogs: Do you read any? Who do you love right now? Do you read the blog(s) because you want advice? Product reviews? The reassurance that you’re not a bad mom just because you fed the troops cereal for dinner? (Hey, we’ve all had nights like that!)

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