Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Tweetiness – Social Media Infographic

As we break out the hot grills and cold drinks in honor of Independence Day, I thought I’d share this cool social media infographic from Freedom of Tweets – A Political Spin on Twitter. It includes stats that suggest Republicans may have the upper hand when it comes to using Twitter as part of a social media strategy. A few interesting highlights:

  • Congressional Republicans had twice as many tweets replied to as their Democratic colleagues.
  • GOP tweets mention specific legislation 3.5 times more frequently than Dem tweets.
  • President Obama, however, is the current numbers leader in the presidential Twitter strategy race.

Check out the infographic, and feel free to share your thoughts on politicians using social media strategy to connect and engage their bases.


PS: Does anyone else remember a time when any play on the word tweet referred to that little yellow bird instead of the little blue one?

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